Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy Programs in Richmond, VA

Yoga therapy is a safe, gentle and effective treatment approach that moves beyond traditional talk therapies by bringing the body actively into the healing process. We use evidence-based yoga strategies, such as gentle breath, focused awareness and movement practices to improve mood, soothe anxiety, quiet pain, and reduce trauma reactivity.

How Yoga Therapy Works

Private Yoga Consultation

We offer clients 1:1 yoga consults with a Licensed Clinical Psychologist/certified yoga instructor (Rebecca McCracken is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with the Yoga Alliance). Consults are generally three sessions in length and may cover a variety of needs related to the use of yoga as an adjunct for trauma, anxiety, depression or chronic pain treatment. Yoga consults will be tailored to your needs and goals. An example of a topic that might be covered in a private yoga consultation is:

  • General psycho-education about your diagnosis, how it affects the body and how yoga can help.
  • Introduction to therapeutic yoga in a safe and private space with recommendations for how to design a yoga program to address your personal challenges.

Yoga Therapy for Anxiety and Depression:

Stress and anxiety are present in our daily lives and it can be difficult to find healthy and effective methods of coping.  Long term stress takes a toll on both the body and mind, leaving us feeling anxious, depressed, overwhelmed, and tired.  Learn how to address the physiology of your emotions with this unique class.  Using a combination of psychoeducation, breath work, and posture, participants will explore how to use the mind-body connection to help regulate emotions and promote a sense of calm and well-being.  This is an introductory level class led by Blair Caldwell, LCSW, RYT and no prior experience is needed.  Yoga mats are provided, though participants may bring their own.

Class meets on Fridays from 12:15-1:15.  Due to limited class size pre-registration is required and classes are sold in bundles of 4.  Pre-payment for all 4 classes is required prior to or on the first day of class.  Cost is $100 for all 4 classes.  At the completion of the 4 consecutive classes participants may register and purchase another bundle of 4.

To register for the yoga class or for more information click here to send us an email. 

Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Classes

Trauma-Sensitive yoga is a modified yoga program that was developed at the Trauma Center at Justice Resource Institute. The main objectives in trauma-sensitive yoga classes are to help participants feel comfortable in their bodies, learn self-regulation skills, practice making choices and create present-moment focus.

Through yoga, you experiment with breathing, moving, stretching, strengthening and resting. No experience is necessary and we strive to make these yoga classes accessible to everyone, regardless of physical ability. Participants are required to be in therapy either at Discovery or elsewhere. Participants will not have to talk to other participants, making this class more comfortable for those individuals who find it difficult to be in groups.

We run women-only and men-only trauma-sensitive yoga classes at Discovery.

To schedule an appointment with one of our yoga instructors, or learn more about our yoga therapy programs in Richmond, please call our office (804-591-0002) or click here to send us an email.