The MBCT class has made me well aware of my thoughts and reactions to them. I now have the ability to react to them in a positive way and/or change them completely. I also have a complete action plan to help prevent any anxiety or depression which incorporates meditation, yoga, mindfulness, and my family members. It takes time to overcome our negative thoughts but after taking the MBCT class I now feel I have the tools to win the battle. I’d recommend this class to anyone who might feel a bit overwhelmed with life.

DBT quite possibly saved my life in a very literal way, and at the very least gave me the hope that my life has value, that I can be an active participant in my own existence, and that I deserve to be and can be happy. When I started the program years ago, I was a shell of a person: isolated, depressed, unemployable. I didn’t believe in myself, I didn’t believe that anyone else did. It was a very dark time in my life. Though I’ve always had potential, I progressed through life having never developed the skills and tools necessary to survive, to feel safe, to feel secure. Group skills class was essential to who I am today for two reasons: it taught me the skills that have allowed me to be not only in charge of my life, but succeeding at it. It also taught me that I am not alone, and that gave me hope. It was more than just a therapist telling me recovery is possible, that people like me really do get better–I couldn’t deny seeing it with my own eyes. Sessions with Sarah helped me work on situations and issues specific to me. Her simultaneous compassionate patience with me and firm assertions that I could, and needed, to do certain things if only to develop evidence for myself that I could means that at 26, I am working full-time, in graduate school (for social work, of all things), financially independent of my parents, and am living in a domestic partnership. My life is more full than I could have ever imagined for myself, because Jenn and Sarah took a chance on me, because they believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself, and they wouldn’t let me give up on myself. DBT has helped me find meaning in the pain–has made me grateful for the days that were so dark that I didn’t want to wake up to the light. It has helped me create a life worth living.

Jenn McCauley understands the stigma that BPD carries and she never judges her patients, and more importantly, she doesn’t let you judge yourself. Learning DBT skills has taught me how to handle my sometimes unsteady emotional temperament. The skills don’t always come easily, and they don’t always come naturally, but they are always there to turn to in times of major crisis or even minor misunderstandings.

Saying that DBT and DCC saved my life is not hyperbole–these skills have helped me handle situations that, in the past, I would have coped with by using self-destructive behaviors. Since joining the DBT program, I have not needed to be hospitalized and have found less need for psychiatric medications to manage my depression and anxiety.

My personality will always be a highly sensitive one, but with these skills, I see it as less of a burden. I now talk openly about my struggles with mental illness, because I no longer feel the need to always hide from who I am.

Discovery Counseling saved my life! Being part of the group DBT sessions every week taught me how to regulate my emotions, learn new skills for everyday challenges, and I finally was around others who understood what I was going through internally. Jenn and Tom were the best coaches! Each week they showed dedication to each and every one of us in group, and they were able to pour valuable tools that changed my life. My one on one therapy sessions with my counselor Sarah were amazing! She always took the most delicate time to walk me through my personal issues, she helped me escalate to a higher level that I didn’t think I could reach. I can’t thank her enough for her committed devotion each week, I’ve been in a lot of therapy in the past but Discovery Counseling by far is the BEST I have ever gone to and in the end I had amazing results!

We are so grateful for the DBT Family Education class. Although we still have a lot to learn and practice, we understand BPD so much more than we did before and it has already begun to make a difference in the way we interact with our daughter and our own emotions as we relate to her. It has definitely begun to improve our relationships with her as well and has allowed us to see past the anger and frustration that her behaviors can cause and deal with her in a more loving, positive way. I had focused so much attention on her “bad” behavior that I had stopped seeing the good in her and this class helped me to see that again and realize the depth of my love for my daughter. When we first started dealing with all of this, we wished we had someone we could talk to who could help us know how to deal with it all and this class provided that resource. It was truly an answer to our prayers. Thank you.

I am so grateful and pleased with the counseling that I received at Discovery. My life was in such a rut and as hard as I tried to do it on my own, I just couldn’t seem to pull myself out of it. It was hard and scary for me to ask for help. I am so glad that I did. My therapist was so supportive and also willing to push me to do the hard work that needed to be done in order to reach my goals. She saw potential in me when I didn’t. She never gave up and because of the work that we did together I am once again feeling happy and secure in my life.

I am Transgender!!! I am proud to say it and be who I am, and that’s okay! I could not have told anyone that just last year. I started seeing Sarah Charbonneau last year because my entire world was imploding. I was so confused and upset. The secret I had been living with my entire life was starting to unravel the reality I tried to create for others. She was the first person I had told about my feelings and confusion with my gender identity. Sarah was so compassionate, patient and there was no judgement, I felt so much relief when we met. She has not only helped me navigate the the hardest period in my life but she has been like a coach, cheerleader and team all in one. I cannot express how much she and Discovery Counseling have helped me. The people in my life comment on my happiness, self esteem and the over all quality of my life.  I can’t say it has been an easy thing, the opposite is true, it has been a roller coaster, but she has helped me learn to let go and enjoy the ride. I can honestly say that without her I would not be here writing this. She cares so much, it would show even if she tried to hide it! Thank you so much!